How-to Video Tutorial:

Step 1: Connect to your Wireless Gateway GW-XXXXXXXX. NOTE: There is no password required to connect to a new Wireless Gateway.

Step 2: Once connected  go to

Log in to your Gateway Dashboard. NOTE: There is no password set for new gateways. 

Step 3: Under Status Tab, set the Password for your Wireless Gateway Dashboard on fields in ADMIN PASSWORD. Click Apply.

Step 4: Under Status Tab, Change your Gateway SSID (AP SSID) and Password (AP PASSWORD) on AP CONFIGURATION. Click Apply.

Click on Apply to Restart your Gateway then connect again to the Gateway’s new SSID. 

Step 5: Go to Network Tab and set up gateway internet connection.

Option 1 (Recommended)

* Connect Ethernet cable (router -> gateway)

* Go to Network tab, toggle ETHERNET, set preferred mode then apply.

Option 2 (Only if you do not have an Ethernet cable)

Please note that each Wireless Network connection you have set will be saved as a Profile. Default profile name is untitled. 

Go to Network tab, toggle WIRELESS.

Select your Wi-Fi or internet connection on the dropdown on AVAILABLE ACCESS POINT

Set Wi-Fi or internet connection password on field `Key`

Click Add Profile Only

Click Ok

Then click Restart Service to take effect

Select Apply. Gateway will restart

Once the gateway connection set up is completed, the lights on your gateway will disappear.