What is PouchPASS?

PouchPASS is a new efficient and precise mitigation tool to screen and check body temperature. Body Temperature Monitoring Wristband (PouchBAND) can measure body temperature continuously, with no interpersonal physical contact and data will be automatically synchronized with PouchPASS Monitor app in real-time.

  • PouchPASS Monitor App allows for monitoring individual’s temperature and location through gathering of data from the PouchBAND

  • PouchBAND can be monitored via a local network, using wireless technologies, and/or by linking to the PouchPASS Monitor App

  • On a larger scale, PouchPASS users can be monitored through a dashboard, using Cloud-based technology 

  • Accessible for both iOS and Android users


Health Tracking Feature

  • Allows you to monitor in real-time body temperature

  • Data will automatically be synced via wireless connection to local network(s) and/or your PouchPASS Monitor App

  • Reports can be downloaded  daily, weekly or monthly

  • An alert will be sent if user’s temperature is higher than standard 

  • Easy to sign up and sign in process


Real time Monitoring Dashboard - Overview