How-to Video: PouchPASS Monitor App Monitor Tab

Monitor Tab shows the user the status of the PouchBAND, battery life of accessory, current day's temperature as well as emergency contact callouts if the temperature is too low or too high.

PouchBAND and Battery Status

The PouchBAND and battery status are both found on the upper right corner of the screen. Below are the status icons and their corresponding meaning:

Temperature Status

After successfully pairing the PouchBAND, the temperature will then be displayed on the screen. Figure 1 also shows the animation for reading and calibrating temperature.

figure 1. Reading and Calibrating Temperature status 

Alerts for fevers or low temperature will show above the screen. Users can still log symptoms, call the emergency contact person, or call the emergency 112 number.

Educational Screens

Users may also select the slide up modal on the monitor tab to learn more about body temperature.