How-to Video - PouchPASS Monitor App Diary Tab:

Temperature Diary Tab

The Dairy Tab shows the temperature recorded for the current day and the past 13 days. To see more detailed, user may click on a specific day. The records will show the time when the temperature was taken as well as the highest and lowest temperature of the day.

Symptoms Tab

Symptoms tab lets the user view all the logged/edited symptoms. Sliding the logged symptom will give a shortcut way to edit or delete it.

Adding Symptoms

To add symptoms, just click on the plus button. Users will then be able to add in symptoms and additional information need for better tracking.

Viewing, Editing, and Deleting Symptoms

Users can select the date to view the symptoms of a specific day.

Users may click on the three-dotted menu on the to edit and delete the symptoms of a specific day.