Quick Guide in setting up your PouchBAND and PouchPASS Monitor App

1. What you need to get started

  • PouchBAND
  • CR2032 Button Battery (Included in the pack or installed in the PouchBAND already)
  • Capable Smart Device 
  • PouchPASS Monitor App (Connected to internet for signing up or logging in to your PouchPASS Monitor App)

2. Preparing your PouchBAND

Depending on your region, some PouchBAND may arrive with CR2032 battery already be inserted in the beacon.

Inserting Battery to your beacon

Make sure you insert your PouchBAND CR2032 battery to your beacon properly. (Please see below steps)

Step 1: Remove the beacon from the silicone wristband

Step 2: Remove the beacon cap

Step 3: Insert the CR-2032 Battery

Step 4: Make sure that the battery’s positive side is facing upwards

Step 5: Return the beacon cap

Step 6: Make sure that the frontside of the beacon temperature sensor facing outwards

Step 7: Place the Beacon inside the silicone wristband

3. Download your PouchPASS Monitor App

PouchPASS Monitor App is available to both Apple App Store and Android Google Play.

Click below to download the PouchPASS Monitor App:
App Store Download Click here

Google Play Download Click here

4. Creating your PouchPASS account

Step by step guide in creating your PouchPASS Account

STEP 1: After downloading the PouchPASS Monitor App, start your PouchPASS by allowing the app to access and enable your notifications, wireless connection and location. Keep in mind the reminders when using the application and your temperature accessory.

STEP 2: Click on 'Sign up' button on the lower right side of the screen to create your PouchPASS Account.

STEP 3: Enter the necessary information needed and click on 'Create Account'

STEP 4: The user will then receive an Email OTP to validate the registration and complete the sign up process.

5. Logging In to your PouchPASS Account and Pairing your PouchPASS

Step by step process in logging in to your PouchPASS Account and Pairing your PouchPASS

STEP 1: Once the account has been verified, the user may then log in to his/her PouchPASS Account. Enter the registered email address and password and click 'Log In'.

STEP 2: Select the 'Pair Accessory' Button and user may choose whether to pair via wireless connection, Scan QR code or manually typing in the accessory ID number.


Once 'Discover via wireless connection' is selected, the app will automatically search for wireless Beacons nearby. Users may select the *Mac Address (IW_45541b040004 in the example below) to complete the pairing process.


Users may also scan the QR code found on the temperature beacon.


Users may also manually enter the Accessory ID found on their temperature beacon. 

Note: Mac Address is the 12 alphanumeric characters found on the temperature beacon. Please see the figure below:

Once you accomplished above steps you are ready to start monitoring your and your family's temperature.

For more information and detailed manual about your PouchBAND and PouchPASS please click here.