Profile Only Member Menu

Profile Only member will have a menu that shows Profile, Edit Profile, Invite to PouchPASS and Delete a member. Inviting a Profile Only member will change the status of member to “Unverified Member”.

Unverified Member Menu

Unverified Member is the category of a member who has not accept a managers invite. If a member is still Unverified, options that are available in the profile that a manager can see are Edit Profile, Resend Invite, Revoke Invite,  and Delete. 

Verified Member Menu

Verified Member is a member who accepted the invite from an organization manager. A verified member can be assigned as manager of the organization or can be removed from organization. 

Removed member from the organization will not delete the account of the member. 

Pending Member Confirmation Menu

Pending Member shows when an organization manager invited a member either via email or manual adding on the dashboard, has not yet accepted an invitation. 

While the member is still on Pending Member status, the Manager can either Resend the invitation or retract the invite by clicking Resend Invite or Revoke Invite respectively.

Manager/Verified Member Menu

Manager can remove another member’s right to be a manager or remove from the organization.